Grace's Place Foundation

A Compassionate Community for Women to Thrive 

Learning through the experience of living in a loving community is a natural way to create lasting change. Grace's Place Foundation is committed to creating compassionate communities worldwide where women and children can experience peace, love, harmony, and a new way of life allowing them to thrive.
The transformative growth that the women and children experience will anchor their confidence and strength to move forward and never go back.

Our Story

“There’s urgency to this project. It’s not about having some solution in 10 years. We need it in 10 minutes. I see Grace’s Place in every city across the United States, actually in the world. There has to be a place for them to go forward so they don’t go back.” 

- Janet Grace Nelson
Our founder, Janet Grace, is an ordained minister of the Open Ministry church, an Agape trained Spiritual Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Certified Domestic Violence Counselor and Spiritual Life Coach with extensive experience teaching and mentoring women creating hope and promise for a future for themselves and families free of abuse.

She developed and began providing programs for women in a local shelter in 2012. The empowerment program she created called “Jumpstart for Joy” assisted them in their mental, emotional and spiritual recovery. During that time she saw remarkable results and wished that she could help them longer than the 30 to 60 days most shelters are able to provide. She wondered what kind of miracles would occur if the women had a full year of this kind of intensive help filled with compassion, love and support.

In addition to the classes she organized several events including a seasonal fashion day in which the women of the community donated their clothing, jewelry, make up, and accessories. Each woman received a complete makeover and left with bags of stylish items. Janet Grace felt that in order to help these women feel as valued as they truly are; they deserved a day of making their outer selves reflect the beauty of their inner selves.
In 2020 when her classes were brought to an abrupt halt due to the pandemic she asked Spirit for guidance on how she could be of greater service. The lockdown escalated the numbers of domestic violence cases creating an even greater urgency for a solution to be created. The answer came through loud and clear; she was to “eliminate abuse on this planet” within her lifetime. Although stunned by the enormity of her mission, she accepted the challenge with a whole heart knowing that she wouldn’t be in this alone. Others will feel called to contribute in their areas of expertise, funding, or the work of their loving hands.

Janet Grace had a vision of a compassionate community for women and children recovering from abuse where they could stay for a year. In her vision, Grace’s Place is settled into a lovely 10 acre piece of land with housing for the women and children, as well as common buildings for gatherings, worship and healing. There is a beautiful garden that grows much of the food needed and trails to enjoy the nature that surrounds this haven. Her vision includes an “Upscale Resale” shop in town to provide some of the funding for the Grace's Place and to support women with the needed clothing and accessories to shine.

With the help of her newly formed board of directors she started the journey of making Grace’s Place a reality. We received our 501(c) (3) in December of 2020. We are now in the process of funding this vision and searching for land on which it will be built. This will be the first of many Grace’s Places.

Board of Directors

Janet Grace Nelson
Janet Grace is a passionate leader who is focused on empowering people to live with greater purpose and passion to live their best life. She has served as a team leader on numerous Mission trips around the world. Some of the organizations she has served with are Horizons International, (serving orphans of AIDS in Africa, 2006-2016), the Unstoppable Foundation (building schools in Africa), City of Children (orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico, 2010-present) and Pachamama Alliance and the Jungle Mamas (saving the rainforest and empowering safe birth practices in Ecuador, 2018)
    She is now establishing Grace’s Place Foundation, a nonprofit com-passionate community providing housing, education and guidance for women and children of domestic violence to create hope and promise for their future.
     As a global speaker she has been sharing her story of courage all over the world inspiring people to push past their Fears and and create a new path and story for their positive future. She has spoken at the Fair Trade Organization in Nepal and shared her message of inspiration with the Jungle Mamas in Ecuador, SA. She has been leading Sacred Retreats for Women since 2009, taking them to sacred places such as Nepal, Greece, Italy, and Costa Rica.
    She received her Certification as a Domestic Violence Counselor in 2015 and has created several powerful Programs that she has been delivering to the local outreach, Doves, several times a year to the women in their program. She has been called to this mission to eliminate abuse on the planet in her lifetime and her dedication to this mission has inspired many people to join her creating peaceful solutions for those in need.
    Janet Grace is also an ordained Minister serving God, Love and Truth wherever she is called and to grow this mission with God at the helm. She is passionate about helping people to live their dreams and empowers them with She shares her dynamic & powerful processes and Programs that help you to bring about Real Inner Change so you can Follow your Heart. She Knows that…with God/Love, All things are possible. and that LOVE is…the most powerful creative force in the Universe.
     Janet Grace is a Spiritual Life Coach,Teacher, Speaker & Author.

Laurie Halverson
After raising her children and following her inner guidance, Laurie immersed herself in studying coursework in meditation, spiritual direction and kinesiology, along with other mystical practices. Laurie knew she was destined to work in the healing arts because of her innate passion for personal growth and a natural desire to help others. Laurie found her calling and became certified as a Higher Guidance Life Coach™. She started her Intuitive Life Coaching and Energy Healing business in 2014 called, Inner Guided Life, and has helped hundreds of people heal and clear mental and emotional blockages that seem trapped in the mind, body and/or spirit, often providing immediate relief from years of suffering. Laurie’s mission is dedicated to assisting the healer within each of us, especially abused women and children, and to the miracle we each live in; our bodies!
Kathryn Larson
Kathryn is an artist and entrepreneur with a heart and passion to be of loving service to humanity. Her heart for service and her life experiences are a great help wherever she is called to share her wisdom and knowledge. Grace's Place’s mission and vision resonate profoundly with Kathryn’s life journey, passion, and experiences and she feels honored to be a part of its co-creation.
Grace's Place Foundation