Grace's Place Foundation


Creating a future for humanity free of abuse

Grace's Place is a Compassionate Community for Women to Thrive
Free of Abuse

Grace's Place Foundation is committed to creating compassionate communities worldwide where women and children can experience peace, love, harmony, and a new way of life allowing them to thrive.
The transformative growth that the women and children experience will anchor their confidence & strength to move forward and never go back.

Our Mission

Grace's Place is a Compassionate Community and a Safe haven for women & children to thrive and create a future filled with Joy, Hope & Promise.

YAY…The 2022 “Graces Place” calendar is ready to ship!

This years theme is the “Nature of Love”, and the original paintings were created by Janet Grace & the cover was created by her brother, Mark, an artist who passed away in November.

Your generous support helps in us presenting our “Empowerment Programs” for the women of domestic abuse to get the tools & skills to help them move forward with Confidence & Courage.

   Loving blessings, 
Janet Grace

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